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Arts and Culture.

Great value to businesses.

"I believe in the power of art."   Janice Ian, American singer and songwriter.

Without arts and culture, what would we have? The “glass half full” recognises the importance of the arts to our wellbeing and very existence.

As valuable as they are, arts organisations often need a little (or a lot of) financial support. That’s important in New Zealand where a small population can struggle to support every worthy arts organisation properly.

But every arts organisation has value and many have something to offer businesses, in exchange for that vital financial support. For example, association with a great arts organisation helps to build business profile, or preferential entry to events can be a great way to reward clients and staff.

Businesses that support the arts support themselves and the essence of the community. What’s even better, it can be one of the best investments a business can make.

This website promotes worthy arts organisations that are seeking support or are already supported by clusters of businesses. It also exposes the great businesses that support those same arts organisations. The website's role is to ensure the arts organisations presented are highly worthy of support, then it's over to those organisations to recruit their "club of businesses."

Please show your support by commenting on profile pages and, you might wish to make your own donation to any of the great arts organisations.



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